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In March of 2009 FCI/Foreign Currency Intertrade, LLC was established. Since I personally have been purchasing foreign currency since 2003, I saw a need to open up an office in Middle Tennessee. That office would open up in Gallatin, Tennessee in 2009. The Ribbon Cutting Guests were the Better Business Bureau, Gallatin Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor of Gallatin. There were a handful of new FCI clients at the ribbon cutting. It was a GREAT DAY for me being Founder/CEO to see everything coming together! Yes, I know most haven’t heard of FCI. That’s because FCI operated on referrals to find its clients. This worked very well for FCI, I got to know my clients upfront and personal. That’s something that the US Treasury likes as well! I also have a small staff that works with me when needed, as well as a Security Team.map-iraq

A security team you ask? Yes… by all means! Think about it, your currency increases in value just one penny and you’re holding 10 million and it doesn’t matter whether  it’s VND or IQD… You’re now holding $100,000 worth of MONEY!! Now multiply that with the amount of clients you have. I want and need security! I have clients that were former Tennessee State Trooper, Metro Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff and a Tennessee Security Officer. Word to the wise  in running a business, “always prepare for the unexpected”.  Now… has come the time to get a website up and running with this business. I have specified with my web designer to keep FCI’s website simple, making it easy to navigate, and to place your order as well as link onto other web pages of interest. There will also be upgrades to this website from time to time. As you know it’s an ever changing world. We here at FCI/Foreign Currency Intertrade, LLC look forward in serving you and answering any questions that you may have. PLEASE… No questions on the RATE or WHEN. That’s a State Secret!!

March 2009 FCI/Foreign Currency Intertrade, LLC…RIBBON CUTTING. Left to Right: Gallatin Chamber of Commerce Staff, 4th lady Lynn from the BBB, 5th lady Lana friend and supporter of FCI, holding the scissors Gallatin’s Mayor Jo Ann Graves, Founder/CEO Michael W. Davenport of FCI, Regions Bank Manager and Executive Director Paige Brown of Gallatin Chamber of Commerce.

Left to right: FCI Staff Linda Ruff, Founder/CEO of FCI Michael W. Davenport, FCI Client and longtime friend Imogene Rigsby, FCI Client Richard Pickett and Lana.



Photo Credit: Alysha's Photography

Michael W. Davenport

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